Whether you want to be extremely competitive in the show ring, simply learn to be a better rider at home, or need to have your young horse brought along, we will custom tailor your training program to fit your needs.

Full Training

Client with either leased or owned horse. If your goal is to have a horse ready for you to compete with, this is the program recommended. In this program we can do our best to ensure that you and your horse are fit and ready to compete to the best of your ability. This program is also for the client that may not show regularly but cannot make it out on a daily basis and wants to ensure their horse remains in a consistent training program. This way when you do come out to ride, you can rest assured your horse has been properly prepared ahead of time. Horse is under our full supervision. This includes either a lesson or a training ride on your horse 5 days a week (Tuesday – Saturday), turn outs as needed, beet pulp and grain fed daily with supplements that are provided by owner. On Mondays your horse will be turned out, hand-walked or syrcingled depending on the need of the horse. We will manage your horses shoeing and veterinary care. Dewormers are provided by owner but can be administered by us. Fly spray, shampoo, alcohol, baby pads, polo wraps is provided by Edelweiss. If it is too wet to ride your horse will be hand-walked. Board is paid separately and directly to barn owner. Timothy Hay not provided but can be fed if ordered separately. Shoeing, supplements, and veterinary care are the horses lessee’s/owner’s monetary responsibility, however we will manage and supervise.
$450 per month.

Grooms Fee

Full grooming/tack up service is available. Includes turn out 6 days a week, blanketing service 7 days a week, horses on eurosizer, and feeding of supplements and medications. Also prep and clean for trainer rides. All horses must receive this essential day care.
$300 per month

Full Grooming

In addition to all the services in partial grooming, this includes tacking and untacking for lessons, tack cleaning, show prep, etc.
$300 per month

Partial Tack Up

This is a great additional item for clients who are in a time crunch for their lessons coming from school or work. Includes tack up for lessons, tack cleaning and show prep.
$150 per month

Care/Lay up

This is for a client who may have a semi-retired horse or a laid up horse. Edelweiss will manage your horses care including veterinary care/daily turnouts/feeding of supplements/medications/wrapping/icing/grooming/tacking up/hand walking/show clip/mane pull/shoeing schedules.
$450 per month.

Supplemental feed/supplies/laundry

This covers the costs of beet pulp, bran, senior, fly spray, alcohol, grooming supplies, baby pads and polo wraps. This is a mandatory fee for all training clients.
$120 per month


Group lessons for the client who is trying riding out to see if they like it before making an investment in a horse as well as client that just would like to stay in a lesson program under 2’6”. Once students are showing regularly and/or are jumping over 2’6″ they need to lease or purchase a horse (our ponies can only do so much!). Cancellations are required 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the lesson. Make-ups are at the trainers discretion. This program only ensures you a lesson, the trainer chooses the horse based on level of rider and the availability of the horse.


Edelweiss offers lease packages. Leasing gives you the opportunity to experience what horse ownership is all about. Leasing your first horse is a good way to learn for several reasons. First, you can progress more quickly riding the same horse on a weekly basis, and as you progress and your ability improves, the same horse you felt comfortable on six months ago, might not be the right horse to challenge your new found skills. Also, a child that fits on a small pony now, might need a large pony or small horse in six months . Leasing allows you to change horses and try out different types of horses without having to go through the expense and emotion of the buying and selling process. Leasing also allows you to understand the commitment to horse ownership and a riding program. We recommend you lease before you buy. After a period of time, you will know if you or your child enjoy the show ring or riding the trails. Some students enjoy the show ring and go on to buy competitive show horses, while others just want the joy of owning and loving a horse. Either way, we want to help you find the right equine partner to fit your budget and needs. Lease fees are paid directly to the lessor and training/board/care is separate. When you lease a horse/pony, the costs include but are not limited to board, shoeing, insurance fees, veterinary care and training fees. Please talk to Heatherly regarding lease prices and options as they range with the ability and quality of each horse. There are a few half leases available in which the above lease fees are split in half.

A La Carte

Body Clip: $165 per horse payable to groom directly
Show groom prep (show clip and mane pull): $40 per horse – full grooming horses are exempt
Lessons: $90 on Edelweiss horse
Tack up: $25 per lesson
Blanketing: $30 per month

Fly Spray, alcohol, baby pads, polo wraps and shampoo are provided to full training clients, full lay up care clients and clients that are lessoning that day only. These products are not to be used outside of these programs.

Edelweiss will no longer provide galloping boots and/or bell boots for clients horses while in turn-outs as many horses destroy them. Owner must provide their own if needed and Edelweiss will put on clients horse.

Horse show fees

These do not include entries, tack and grooming stall splits, set up fees, stall fees, feed/shavings, meds for your particular horse and any other fees that may arise at a show such as farrier or vet care.

Hauling by Edelweiss:
Santa Barbara $250 per horse
LAEC $175 per horse
Hansen Dam $175 per horse
Thermal $500 per horse
Pebble Beach $650 per horse
Oaks $400 per horse
Del Mar $500 per horse
Elvenstar $50
Outside haulers may charge an additional fee.

Rail/Training: This is charged from the day the horse arrives at the show grounds until horse returns home.
$75/day per horse – 3 or more clients
$150/day per horse – 2 clients
$200/day per horse – 1 client

Grooming: This is charged from the day the horse arrives at the show grounds until horse returns home. Grooms hotel/RV share for show will be split among clients. $75/day per horse

Set up/Expense: This fee is split between clients which includes flowers/sod/plants/wood chips/etc plus trainers expenses.

Lease of school horse: $250 per show day per horse if you are leasing a horse/pony from Edelweiss.


15% commission fee is applicable for all purchases and leases. Travel time and expenses for trainer will be billed to client.